Welcome to the table by theDUTCHCOOK

The way my mother fed me, is my imprint that food and love belong together.

The care she gave  with her breastfeeding, and all those years while she made daily meals. For my mother and the mothers of this world I make a deep bow.

When I left the house I was fortunate to have a girlfriend wich knew how to handle herself in the kitchen. The times I made mash for her with potatoes and endive,

still with sand in are memorable! By time and practice I got the hang of cooking, and now that  we have a family, our children love to cook aswell.

This blog gives me and you the opportunity to communicate about our mutual  excitement about food and the things involved For a good reason the best wine is

the one you drink with someone else! So when you go out shopping communicate with the people around you, on the street in the shop.

And then once the goodies are in the bag, choose your company, family, friends a person nearby who´s alone. Or when you really are in to cooking, do it out of the house,

start being involved in for example a community center,at a charity market, a boy scouts camp or  like I do at a hospice.



So share your love for life and food and do it with passion.


With love to you theDUTCHCOOK






2 thoughts on “About

  1. Awesome !!! Nurturing into the yummilacious world is always exciting n heartwarming :)……all the more for a foody n a passionate cooking lover like me…..here’s wishing our very own
    ” Dutchcook” all the very best in his sincere endeavors to envisage upon this beautiful world of kitchen, spices n flavors !!!

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