Chocaholic at work


The human body is one big chemical factory with a head at its top. If you like to believe that, that the head, read your head, is in charge, well keep on dreaming. The processes at work here are so directly connected to the very base of your brain stem (hersenstam), that they skip the interaction with the more modern part of your brain. The question: ” WHO IS IN CHARGE HERE” is very much justified.

The need to survive is so deeply imprinted at the base of our evolution, that the brain stem has a Cart Blanche to override your INTELLIGENT BRAIN AT ANY TIME! We like to see ourselves as the top notch of civilization, we overcame our own evolution. ………….. For a split second you believed that ….. yes, admit it.

Well, let me tell you what happens to me at CHOCOLATE WALHALLA.



Chemical processes in my body jumping into active mode just by reading these words “CHOCOLATE-WALHALLA”, and the signal “full alert status” is given. The heart rate is going up slightly, pulse is quickening, and there is extra blood pumped to the cheeks! Chocolate-Walhalla is free to enter,  has the size of a football field and is to be found in the city of Aachen or Aken in Germany. As a chocolate  lover,  you know which is your favorite chocolate. You know the texture, the taste, the sweetness and bitter elements, the way it melts in your mouth. Well most likely you will find your favorite one here at factory sale prices. It is literally situated under the smoke of one of the famous chocolate manufactures of the world, LINDT. On your way in you pass employees  leaving the factory after their shift, and you are welcomed by a lovely young German lady offering you a taste of the latest inventions of chocolate wonderland. In this case three new Chocolate bars, a Brownie, a Caramel and one I forget, all three with a “Trader Joe’s chocolate” styled wrapping. Chunky, fun typography and very tasty. For that moment only on sale at this factory-outlet-store.



Once you’re in, you see people with a chocolate gaze in their eyes behind shopping carts, focused as they are on their target to pick the best bargain. In open cardboard boxes you’ll find, plastic bags of various selections of bonbons, pralines and chocolate bears and bars, all to be touched and weight in the hand. The plastic bags are like little peep shows, you see a lot of good stuff but non of it is to be tasted until you have paid at the end of this chocolate football field. The whole range from white, to milk, to darker chocolate up to 99% cacao are organized on shelves like it was a library.  All these grades of cacao are also mixed with a wide range of often exotic fruits en spices. The choice is enormous, even more because the creative design team of Lindt divides them in all kinds of different wrappings, in bars or boxes or in shapes. And even in different sizes! So take your time and let it all work in, and I can ensure you the chance you leave the building empty handed is almost nil.

I restrained myself this time, came out with only 1,5 kilograms ( or 2.4 stones )


Be sure when planning your trip to the city of Aachen to first visit the beautiful DOM (church) at the center, …. and only afterwards Lindt.

Why, …….. just to prevent you covering their precious DOM with chocolate fingerprints.





2 thoughts on “Lost in CHOCOLATE WALHALLA.

  1. Door je verslag heb ik het idee dat ik al zit mee te smikkelen. Het water loopt in mijn mond. Blijkbaar is dat al genoeg voor mij. xxx

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