And the winning star of the “L’ognion d’or” is ……………..

Yes, the winner is ….. you !!!

Great chance that you already have a fine collection of L’ognion d’or in the house. This radiant golden bulb, the Allium cepa we know best as the common onion.

This little wonder is the bringer of flavour to so many dishes worldwide, that you can’t imagine life without it. The plant traveled from Afghanistan, to China, to India, to Egypt and Greece, to Italy. Once integrated in Roman cuisine it was carried over “the Roman highways” to every corner of Europe.

So when I came across a 10 kilogram, ( 22 pound ) sack of red onions the temptation was to big, as was the sack, and before I knew it was in the back of the car. I made a good bargain and at the same time a big problem. Sounds onion soup for four weeks appealing to you?

We have 10 kilo’s to go so lets get cracking with “Red onion marmalade”, a sweet and sour onion jam, which comes close to an English relish. A delight with meat dishes, poultry and game, but here we just love it with bread and cheese.

What do you need:

1 kilo / 2,2 US-ponds red onions

250 gram / 0,55 US-pound sucker

7 table-spoons of vinegar, preferable Balsamic

3 deciliter  /0,8 gallon red wine

some olive oil

several pots with metal lids, sterilized in boiling water for 5 minutes


125 gram / 0,27 US-pounds of raisins

Rosemary fresh very finely chopped and/or a teaspoon of cinnamon

Leave the garlic out if you feel like it

Half your onions, and slices them thin!

In a pan with THICK bottom, heat some olive oil with the garlic.

Simmer the onions on a LOW heat until they are soft

Then add and dissolve the sugar, then the wine and vinegar.

Optional add the rosemary and or the cinnamon

If you have a sweet tooth also the raisins

Leave on a LOW fire for at least 30 minutes, stir regular and taste it!

At once fill your sterilized pots, close them and turn them up side down to cool

The end result is a deep coloured, silky spread with a sublime taste, layer after layer, wow. The smell of richness will be lingering through the house for at least a day and in addition your jars with handwritten labels will make a appreciated gift.

So stop hesitating and start cooking
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