SUMMERTIME and the melon is easy

When the sun breaks finally through the clouds your senses feel like renewed, the dust is washed off and all the greens look brighter. This is a nice way to experience that feeling of freshness on your plate

The concept of this dish is easy, a filled half melon, but what a beautiful sight it is. Any sweet melon of choice, only  no water melon this time, cut in half, preferably with a “toothed”-rim.

Scoop out the melon if possible with a cutter for small balls, a so called Parisian or baller cutter. For the filling choose a savoury part, like chicken backed with herbs/garlic.
Or use on one of your non-meat-days a combination of Gouda- and goats-cheese. Then for the greens, spinach wetted with lime jus, and/or zucchini cubes backed in olive oil with herb-the-provence, or what is still in your fridge !
Mix some lettuce with all the ingredients in a bowl and fill your melon halfs. A little sauce on top made of yoghurt-pepper-currypowder and you are ready to go.

Ingredients based on two persons

1 Sweet melon of your choice

250 grams chicken thighs in combination with bacon, or a combination of soft goat cheese with a firmer cheese.

Letucce, spinach or a combination of your liking

For the sauce:


or as in this case a cocktail-sauce, yoghurt-ketchup-sherry-pepper-salt-gingersirup

For extra crunch, bake some chopped bread-cubes in garlic and olive oil
Practice your cutting so you end up with same-sized pieces.

Have a nice summertime.

based on a recipe found in an Albert Heijn publication


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