Planning the holidays with my family

The eight o’clock news, coffee in my hand, legs on the couch, I feel safe and secure. All the world conflicts roll by as if it were a movie.

At the side of the road people are camping, what a nice sight. The sun is shining so they must have a good time. The odd thing is there are banners at the side of the tent. Since I am a curious person I decide to have a look. So join me and read on.

On foot I enter the small camping site, some cheap tents one big one, all a bit deserted. A guy comes out eating, we introduce and he offers me a bite of a sweet Moroccan pastry.

Maroccan pastry called Chebbakia

The group of people settled here are refugees from Syria, about fifteen people who left the refugee shelter and started camping. They want to make a statement in their effort to get a refugee status.
Most of us are having holidays these months, we ourself have a camping trip planned to France. But we will do it for fun!

These people had to flee their houses, abandon their family, found a way out of their country. Talking here about Assad, who like they say, `still has to finish his education he had in London`.Calmly, but with intensity in there eyes, the symbolic meaning of three small sceneries, they made, is explained to me.

A person bound with rope within a fence with a narrow opening, `this is how we feel, we can leave but we are so limited in what we can and are allowed to do.

A campfire with pot and spoon, stands for Syria going back in time, the world is standing on the sideline as the population suffers.

A childs grave with a little bear on top is the most  painful to watch. Though I now the grave is empty, it is as they say filled with the children killed in war, by bombing, by starvation, by snipers.

This camping is clearly no fun trip, I was just on my way to do some shopping when I stopped here. The news of eight o´clock becomes a harsh reality. The man offers me another piece of the sweets as he shows the tent, one side with belongings packed in shopping bags, the other side is taken by fieldbeds, one occupied.

Next time I am laying in my tent with rain ticking on the canvas, having a good time because it´s holidays, I will think of these people and say a little prayer.


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