DIY sesame bread ring

These are hard weeks since the people of the turkish market where I like to shop are  on a long holiday.

So I am cut off my exotic supplies, I miss the fresh mint just for its smell when driving home again.The vegetables and fruits are sold loose, without a plastic wrapping, so you can feel and smell, and sometimes taste them.

And then the different sorts of fresh baked bread, the turkish oval ones,or the round corn marrocan version.The turkish lookalike of the “baguette” or french longbread is so delish you can’t wait to tear a piece of and stick it in your mouth.

Is your mouth dripping already?  Well they are on holiday remember!

So we  had to make our own ring of fire with sesame seeds topped.

The twining of the dough is done by Annette perfectly, after years of practicing with making braids..

Then it is wetted so the seeds will stick.

general bread recipe

500 gram flour

15 gram yeast

pinch of salt

mix with milk to an elastic dough.

Make your version of a braid and let the ends meet in a circle.

Let rise in a warm place under a wet cloth, and finish with the sesameseeds.

Bake in your oven at 180 degrees celsius for 30 minutes, or untill your liking.
Looking forward to see your results,

have fun


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